About Us
Mission Statement

We at You Found My Pet are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of knowledge, community, and peace of mind for pet owners of all kinds. We aim to become the most efficient and cost effective resource for locating lost pets and getting them back home.

Our Vision

This website, You Found My Pet, is the product of a dream. I’m not talking about the fantasy type of dream, but a literal dream. You see, I have two dogs of my own; a Chiweenie and a Chi-Spaniel. One night, I had a dream that they were lost and could not be found. The dream was so vivid that, when I woke up, I was crying and sobbing. After coming to my senses, I realized that my pets were still safe in my house. Being a very faith oriented person, I had to ask the author of my faith about that dream. I asked, “God, what did that mean?” He then put the idea into my mind that… “if you find a way to help people bring their lost pets back home, you’ll help yourself, but then you’ll also have a solution that would help many others.” It made me realize that our pets are the most vulnerable members of our families (next to babies). When they are in and around our house, they are safe and secure; but when it comes to pets, they can wonder away much faster and further. It only takes a few seconds for them to be lost and unable to be located. If they are fortunate enough to found with no identification, they are at best sent to the local animal shelter. If you do find your lost pet in an animal shelter, you will have to pay a hefty fee to get them back, usually $100 or more. Why not use that potential fee to help turn the tide in your favor? You can purchase a tag on our website for less than $20, and also get the chance to put up a photo and detailed profile of your pet. You could also include a finder reward with the rest of that potential $100 fee. You will receive the tag in the mail, place it on your pet, and you’ll immediately feel like your pet is even more safe and secure. You will feel that way because now you have a way for your neighbor to quickly return your pet to its home. At the same time; you will get to know your neighbor and, therefore, build more trust in your community.

Our two dogs, Charlie and Teddy, were our first customers. They happily and proudly wore the tags when we placed them on their collars. I cannot tell you the peace of mind that I got when I realized that they could be traced back to a profile that talks about who they are. In this internet age, my pets are instantly part of a community that knows how to scan, insert codes, and quickly find the information that they need. The likelihood that your animal will come back home, if not intentionally taken, is almost 99 percent.

Our heart aches for every family that has a missing pet… whether it’s a cat, dog, turtle, or goat doesn’t really matter. It grieves us to know that a pet is unable to be located because of the limited ways to trace them directly back to their families. So, we truly see ourselves as part of the humanitarian effort to ensure the safety of all families, especially the most vulnerable of members… our pets.

The social aspect of You Found My Pet finishes out our core vision of reuniting families, connecting others.
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